I have began my project by researching locations I would like to recreate as well as choosing what software I am going to primarily use. For the location reference I have found an amazingly detailed blog post containing photographs of an abandoned mansion room in Italy. The photos being very high quality will definitely help me recreate the scene with as much detail as possible. Regarding the software I am still considering both 3DS Max and Blender. As of now I am leaning towards using Blender for the creation of the hero asset; a chandelier, as Blender lets you model and sculpt the same object and I have not used in a while and would like to refresh my memory. The rest of the project I will very likely finish in 3DS Max. Texturing will be done using Substance Painter. Here is a link to my reference;


Today I have looked into the hero asset and how should I go about modeling it. I researched different types of chandeliers and concluded the one from the reference is from mid-centaury, made out of wood and its construction is reminiscent of that of South European chandeliers. Then I looked into the dining set which to me looked early art deco due to, among many things, reeded chair legs and damask fabric, and having done more research I am confident to say that it probably is from circa 1910s. I have also found a texture matching the material used to upholster the chairs, so I am hoping to incorporate that as well.


I have created a simple low poly representation of the room's layout using basic shapes in 3Ds Max as well as a low poly version of the dining table. I plan on using that model as a base and sculpt more detail onto it using either Blender or ZBrush. 


This week I continued working on the chandelier and have permanently switched to Blender. I have also began working on how to create debris using collider plug ins 


I have finished the first version of the chandelier and the chair, there are small changes I want to make to both in the future but the versions I have right now I see as decent enough to be used in the final project if I were to run out of time.


This week I had mostly focused on creating a wall lamp and fixing a few minor issues I have had run into while trying to unwrap my other models. I have also looked into the best methods of creating the rubble and debris than can be seen in the original scene and in general looked into what elements it consists of; that being dry leaves, cigarette buts, rocks, plastic bottle caps, broken glass.


I have focused on creating the room itself and object placement. I have also looked into shader creation and in Blender and further explored the cell fracture add on for the creation of the collapsed ceiling 


This week I focused on unwrapping and texturing of my assets, at this moment I need to fix the UV map of the chandelier as it stretches in a few spots

but I did use that pre-fix version to test out a few ideas I have had regarding how I want it to look like. The chair is finished, I am considering doing two versions as the original photos show that there were two different chair types at the scene, I might simply change the type of the fabric and remodel the legs. 


This week I focused mostly on texturing in Substance Painter as well as restarted modelling the table using a different reference. In the near future I want to redo the whole room layout as when texturing I had come across a few elements that when textured do not look good as well as I want to make the walls way thicker.


This week I have continued with unwrapping my models and making

small changes to the model to optimize them better. I also worked on how to make wood textures look realistic.


This week I run a test render in Blender before I moved my project in Maya to better see the progress and also have continued working on texturing. I have also modelled a bookcase, photo frames, books and a key to the bookcase


This week I have textured the bookcase from last week, started shading my project in Maya as well as tried out a few different texture sets and got to know the rendering process in Maya (using Arnold)

This week I have focused on working in Maya on lighting, adding more debris and on polishing my pre-existing models.


In the final week I focused of producing renders both of the entire scene as well as of close ups of my hero assets. The entire gallery can be found under "Portfolio" where as the progress in the gallery down below.